The district’s Behavior Education Plan is aimed at providing opportunities to learn positive behavior, learn from mistakes and stay in school learning. For more information about the Behavior Education Plan visit

Every quarter, the district conducts an indepth review of implementation of the Behavior Education Plan. These reviews are crucial in order to surface strengths and challenges, problem-solve and make adjustments when needed.

We prepared for implementation of the Behavior Education Plan in several ways, including:

  • Completed and provided schools with a comprehensive Behavior Education Plan toolkit
  • Held summer professional learning opportunities, including an institute for school teams on the Behavior Education Plan
  • Provided summer training on Responsive Classrooms and Developmental Designs
  • Competed regular review of data and school support with external Positive Behavior Support coaches

In the first quarter’s review, we found that schools that already had strong Positive Behavior Support Systems were able to build on those systems and see positive results.

We also found several themes emerge that will inform our next steps for the second quarter.

  • Staff are eager for additional professional learning opportunities on classroom management and restorative practice
  • Some school teams need more support in improving  existing systems of intervention for students who are struggling with behavior
  • Schools need additional support for students with the most intensive behavioral needs, including mental health support

Next Steps
Based on our review, we’ll focus our efforts in several areas in the second quarter:

  • Improving communication around the Behavior Education Plan, including collecting examples of success this quarter to support schools or classrooms with better implementation
  • Improving opportunities for professional development for all staff
  • Providing more support at high schools to develop behavior systems
  • Improving our approach for students with the highest needs

For a full summary of the first quarter review and action steps, click here.

First Quarter Data
Each quarterly review also includes real time review of data across the district. While suspensions are down in the first quarter, disproportionality remains. As schools develop and hone their behavior systems and improve the quality of instruction and engagement in classrooms, they will be better able to target this disproportionality. Data will be tracked closely through the year.