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Madison Metropolitan School District

Budget Information 2021-22

MMSD Budget Development

How does it work?

Every year, we set out to develop a budget for our district that aligns with our Strategic Framework, meets the needs of students and staff, and is fiscally responsible in light of State mandated revenue restrictions. Our process is to:

  • Collect and analyze input from students, staff and families collected throughout the year
  • Work with schools and departments to determine budgeting goals and guiding principles 
  • Create a revenue forecast based on current law and projected enrollment
  • Develop and fund our equity investments in line with the Strategic Framework and input received throughout the year
  • Create a district-wide staffing plan using enrollment projections 
  • Develop a positive compensation strategy, including salaries/wages and benefits
  • Budget expected increases, such as utilities and transportation costs
  • Identify savings needed to balance budget gaps, focusing at the central office level first

Every year in May and June, the Board revisits this budget process to confirm directional decisions early in the process.  Due to the impact of COVID-19, revisiting budget assumptions throughout the year will continue to be critically important this year. All steps of the budget process will be done in consideration of the impacts COVID-19 has had on all of our learners in providing safe facilities and academic acceleration.

How does the Draft Preliminary Budget reflect the District’s priorities?

It is more important than ever for us to work in partnership with the community. Through our district ways of working, we collect and analyze feedback from students, staff and family all year.  The data collected is analyzed by our qualitative research specialist and published on the research website. This information is then used by the Board of Education and the district’s Senior Leadership Team to develop the budget goals, parameters, and strategic equity projects.  The following are primary examples of community input utilized to create the budget:

Introducing the 2021-22 Budget Proposal: 

On April 26th, the 2021-22 Draft Preliminary Budget Proposal for the Madison Metropolitan School District was presented to the public for comments and feedback through the middle of June. Development of the proposal will be guided by regular monthly direction provided by the Board, along with input from staff, parents, and the Madison community collected through the process to develop the new Strategic Framework and November 2020 referenda proposals. Additional feedback will continue to be solicited from students, parents, staff and the community through May and June 2021.   

The Board will then adopt a Preliminary Budget at the June 29, 2020 regular meeting. The 2021-22 fiscal year will begin on July 1, 2021.  On October 25th, the Board is scheduled to adopt the final Original Budget.

The revenue forecast for 2021-22, without any referenda authority, includes updated budget assumptions due to the impacts of COVID-19: (1) state ‘per pupil’ categorical aid to school districts will have no per pupil increase; (2) a $100 per student revenue limit increase in taxing authority; and (3) $8 million of new 2020 operating referendum authority.


  • Investing in the priorities of the community as identified in the referendum listening sessions is a the guiding principle of the 2021-22 budgeting process. These priorities included, but are not limited to:

    • Investing in students who need it the most, through strategic equity investments

    • Focus on early literacy and beyond with new reading materials and new reading professional development supporting with the science of reading

    • Launching the first phases of a full day 4K program

    • Investing in daily world language access across middle schools

    • Investing in staff to ensure high quality diverse workforce.

    • April 26: Draft Preliminary Budget presented to Board
    • April 26: Draft budget posted to MMSD Website, Budget Community input portal opened
    • May 3 to May 14: Targeted budget input sessions
    • May 3 to May 24: Board Member Budget Amendment Process
    • May 10: Budget Input Session #1 at Operations Workgroup
    • June 14: Budget Input Session # 2 at Operations Workgroup, Confirm Board Amendments for June 28 vote
    • June 28: Board vote to adopt preliminary budget
    • September 13: Board Operation Work Group discussion on the Budget
    • October 11:  Board Operation Work Group discussion on the Budget
    • October 25: Board adoption of a final Original Budget for 2021-22

Open for Community & Staff Input

We want your thoughts! Every year the district aims to increase revenues and reviews our expenditures plan in order to provide additional resources to students and staff. With the 2021-22 budget season upon us we want to know your thoughts on our Draft 2021-22 Preliminary Budget.  Did we prioritize the most important items?  What might we have missed?