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Madison Metropolitan School District

Grants & Donations

If you have or will receive $10,000 or more in a grant or donation, please work with your school’s principal or Senior Leadership Team representative to write a memo for the Board of Education.  Grant and donation funds that are $10,000 and above can be spent only after they have been officially accepted by the Board of Education.

Quick Facts:

  • The first step in applying for any grant is to complete the Grant Inquiry Form at the Resource Development Website (see "Resources" Box)
  • All grant and donation funds are subject to the same budget, procurement, and expenditure guidelines as the rest of the District funds.
  • All grant funds are tracked and reported back to the Federal, State or Local agency.
  • All donations/gifts can be any sum of money from any source.
  • All donations to a school must be deposited and spent as a district Fund 21 donation account (This includes $10 checks to Mrs. Smith’s 4th Grade).
  • Donations are represented by a number in the Local B segment and a project code of the account string.
  • All donations are reported to the School Board for acknowledgement at a board meeting.  The school board secretary will send a thank you letter to the donor which can be used for taxes.
  • A donor typically has a specific project, grade level or teacher for the donation.  Therefore funds may only be spent on the specific project, grade level or teacher at that time.
  • If a donor requests MMSD’s tax ID for donation purposes, please have the donor contact the accounts payable supervisor at or 608-663-8496.
  • MMSD is a tax exempt agency, if you require a tax exempt certificate please contact the accounts payable supervisor at or 608-663-8496


How to proceed with a Federal/State Grant:

  • If the grant is $10,000 or above, complete Board of Education memo process.
  • Send or email the grant award letter and all notification documents you’ve received from the source of the grant to Accounting’s Financial Supervisor for Grants, Ruth Schultz.
  • The grant supervisor will work with you to set up a budget with the appropriate account numbers, adhere to grant requirements/conditions, assist with required reporting, and complete financial claims.
  • Contact Ruth Schultz, Accounting Financial Supervisor for Grants, at or call (608) 663-5365 for help with your grant funds.


How to proceed with a Non-governmental Grant or Donation (e.g. from businesses, individuals, family foundations):

  • If the amount is $10,000 or above, complete Board of Education memo process.
  • Send the check upon receipt to Julie Pophal in Accounting for deposit along with any correspondence that you received.
  • Submit your application budget or how you would like the funds appropriated (i.e. supplies, computers, books, staff, etc.), for account number set up.
  • Once the account numbers and budget are activated, use those account numbers when expending funds in that budget year. Your principal and school secretary can help with this.
  • Work with your principal and school secretary to monitor your budget. Your principal and school secretary receive budget update reports every few weeks. 
  • Contact Julie, Pophal, Budget Clerk, at or call (608) 663-1912 for help with your donation.


Options for Parent Organizations:

  • If a PTO receives funds from Target, Box Top Labels, etc and the checks are made out to the PTO, the PTO can keep the funds in their account
  • If a PTO receives funds from Target, Box Top Labels, etc and the checks are made out to the school or the District, the check must come to Budget, Planning and Accounting for deposit to a fund 21 account number per DPI dictates. The funding is then spent according to the District’s Purchasing Guidelines.



Important Things to Know:

All grant and donation monies must be turned into the Accounting Department (internal control and auditing procedures, to avoid lost, stolen, and fraudulent activity).

✔ Send the original check to Accounting, do not deposit into your school checking account.