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Madison Metropolitan School District

Fire Safety in the Classroom


Combustibles may not be attached to or suspended from ceilings. In addition, artwork, decorations and teaching materials may not be suspended between walls.


Curtains, drapes, wall and ceiling hangings, banners, textiles and other similar materials must be flame-retardant. Please do not bring these items from home to decorate classrooms and corridors.


Since these doors serve as the primary way to safety, please do not put any artwork, decorations or teaching materials on the doors.


Always keep exits and pathways to exit clear of anything that may interfere with getting out in the event of an emergency.

Extension cords

Extension cords are a known source of ignition in classrooms. Please do not bring any extension cords into the classroom.


Residential upholstered furniture may not be brought to schools. These items do not meet fire codes and they may be a breeding ground of lice and bedbugs.


Artwork and teaching materials may not cover more than 20% of the wall surface.