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BMIT Life Skills

Life Skills

Course Descriptions:

Digital Technologies** - formerly Computer Lit  - CMP1020, 0.5-credit, Grades 9-12

A must-have course for all students who want to be successful in today’s technology-driven world. You’ll work in a real-world environments and prepare for success in your high school years, college, or employment by using advanced concepts in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop design, keyboarding, and presentations, as well as gain hands-on experience with the latest online and digital tools.  You will also be exposed to emerging technologies and their practical use in education and beyond!

Business Technologies 1*/** - formerly Microsoft Office for DTC - CMP4030, .5-credit, Grades 9-12
Business Technologies 2*/** - CMP4040, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

Master the features of Microsoft Office and enjoy the benefits in both your academic and business careers. No matter what your career choice, you will be expected to have professional software application skills. In any business, time is money.  People who know how to successfully use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access give themselves a competitive advantage in the job market. Advance your skills in up to three of the five areas of Microsoft Office each time you take this course.  A valuable option available to you  is the opportunity to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). This MOS credential is globally recognized by colleges and the modern workplace and distinguishes an individual as qualified and knowledgeable in Microsoft applications.  This course can be taken more than once to complete additional certifications.  (Dual/transcripted credit is offered by Madison College with transfer possibilities to other colleges and universities.)   May be repeated for credit.

Personal Finance** - BUS2055, .5-credit,  Grades 10-12

Personal finance is one of the most useful classes you can take in order to prepare for your future!  It is proven that poor financial decisions can lead to an accumulated debt spiral that will prevent you from saving and planning for a secure financial future. Learn to manage your personal financial affairs through real life applications. Areas of study include investing, banking, taxes, credit, acquiring insurance and loans, budgeting, and successful employment skills.  Technology is infused throughout this course, with applications ranging from personal money management to preparation of income tax forms to evaluating investment options.  Walk away from this class with the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification.

Career Exploration - formerly Career Seminar - BUS9010, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

YOU’RE HIRED! Words everyone wants to hear when interviewing. Explore your career interests while learning how to accomplish your goals. In doing so, you will develop your resume, interviewing skills, and portfolio.  Classroom discussions and activities relate to job attainment and advancement (promotions). Students in this course will begin progress toward the Wisconsin Employability Skills Certificate and the ACT WorkKeys exam leading to the National Career Readiness Certificate.  

**Industry Certification

*College Credit