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Information Support & Services Pathway

Information Support & Service Course of Study

This pathway map represents a suggested sequence of courses leading to capstone, work-based learning, and post-secondary experiences which will assist students in being as successful as possible after leaving high school.  Although each student will personalize their experiences, the earlier a student begins this sequence, the more opportunities students will have to fully explore the educational and community options available. These sequences should be coupled with appropriate core courses, as well as life-skills and courses in a student’s area of interest.

Course Descriptions:

Bits & Bytes:  Computer Media - formerly Computer Media in Technology - CMP1040, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

Like computers?  Want to learn about the many areas of information technology through fun, real-world projects?  You will explore programming, acoustical/sound manipulation, graphic design, web design and animation, multimedia, troubleshooting and support, along with basic network configuration.  Career options in information technology (IT) will also be discussed.  This course is the gateway to many other IT pathway courses.

Digital Technologies** - formerly Computer Lit  - CMP1020, 0.5-credit, Grades 9-12

A must-have course for all students who want to be successful in today’s technology-driven world. You’ll work in a real-world environments and prepare for success in your high school years, college, or employment by using advanced concepts in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop design, keyboarding, and presentations, as well as gain hands-on experience with the latest online and digital tools.  You will also be exposed to emerging technologies and their practical use in education and beyond!

Introduction to Programming - CMP2010, 1.0 credit, Grades 9-12

An introductory course in computer programming which offers an exposure to a variety of programming environments. Students will learn how to approach a program and will learn about the basic formats used in programming. Skills learned in this course will give students a strong background to enter additional programming courses.  Units of study could include problem solving, web design, introduction to programming, app inventor, data analysis, and robotics.  Anyone with an interest in computer science and/or information technology is welcome.

Professional Communications - BUS4070, .5 credit, Grades 10-12

Communication is a skill set that is extremely important in the pursuit of academic and career success. Whether you are planning to go to work immediately upon graduation, attend a technical college, or go to a four-year university, communication skills are crucial. A survey of the top Fortune 500 companies indicates that strong communication skills accompanied by teamwork are the most important skills in job effectiveness. This course will incorporate project-based learning, professional presentations, and case studies. Various topics that will be covered in this course include corporate presentations, business and international etiquette, “netiquette”, digital tools in business, communication strategies, and professional workplace procedures.

Computer Hardware Essentials* - formerly Computer Hardware and Software Essentials - CMP1030, .5-credit, Grades 10-12

This course presents an in‐depth exposure to Personal Computer (PC) hardware and operating systems. Students learn the functionality of hardware components as well as suggested best practices for safely maintaining and repairing PC’s. Through hands on activities and labs, students learn how to assemble and configure a computer,install and work with an operating system, connect up to a network, and troubleshoot computer hardware and software problems using a variety of diagnostics.  (Dual/transcripted credit is offered by Madison College with transfer possibilities to other colleges and universities.)

Business Technologies 1*/** - formerly Microsoft Office for DTC - CMP4030, .5-credit, Grades 9-12
Business Technologies 2*/** - CMP4040, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

Master the features of Microsoft Office and enjoy the benefits in both your academic and business careers. No matter what your career choice, you will be expected to have professional software application skills. In any business, time is money.  People who know how to successfully use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access give themselves a competitive advantage in the job market. Advance your skills in up to three of the five areas of Microsoft Office each time you take this course.  A valuable option available to you  is the opportunity to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). This MOS credential is globally recognized by colleges and the modern workplace and distinguishes an individual as qualified and knowledgeable in Microsoft applications.  This course can be taken more than once to complete additional certifications.  (Dual/transcripted credit is offered by Madison College with transfer possibilities to other colleges and universities.)   May be repeated for credit.

Networking Essentials - CMP4020,  .5-credit, Grades 11-12

Welcome to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Discovery course, Networking for Home and Small Businesses. The goal of this course is to introduce you to fundamental networking concepts and technologies. This course provides a hands-on introduction to networking and the Internet using tools and hardware commonly found in the home and small business environment. This course’s materials will assist you in developing the skills necessary to plan and implement small networks across a range of applications. This course prepares you to pursue entry level positions or further education for careers such as Network Technician, Computer Technician, Cable Installer, and Help Desk Technician jobs.

**Industry certification can be earned.

  *College Credit