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Marketing Pathway

Marketing Course of Study

This pathway map represents a suggested sequence of courses leading to capstone, work-based learning, and post-secondary experiences which will assist students in being as successful as possible after leaving high school.  Although each student will personalize their experiences, the earlier a student begins this sequence, the more opportunities students will have to fully explore the educational and community options available. These sequences should be coupled with appropriate core courses, as well as life-skills and courses in a student’s area of interest.

Course Descriptions:

Intro to Business & Marketing  - BUS2060, .5-credit,  Grades 9-12

Knowledge is power and this course is perfect for introducing and preparing you to view the world in a whole new way.  Through hands‐on projects, guest speakers, and real-life activities, you will be exposed to concepts relating to our global economy and the economic way of thinking, types of business organizations, cultural traditions, competition, current business trends and developments, and basic marketing and business concepts.

Digital Technologies** - formerly Computer Lit  - CMP1020, 0.5-credit, Grades 9-12

A must-have course for all students who want to be successful in today’s technology-driven world. You’ll work in a real-world environments and prepare for success in your high school years, college, or employment by using advanced concepts in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop design, keyboarding, and presentations, as well as gain hands-on experience with the latest online and digital tools.  You will also be exposed to emerging technologies and their practical use in education and beyond!

Marketing & Sales - formerly Marketing 1 - MRK1010, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

What do Apple, ESPN, Twitter, Google, and Nike have in common? They are all successful marketers! Learn the skills and methods that have helped these companies to become some of the world’s most recognized and celebrated brands.  Marketing touches the lives of people on a daily basis as family members, consumers, and employees. This course will provide the opportunity for you to gain valuable marketing insight, knowledge, and skills in the processes and procedures that occur from the creation of a product/service to the consumption of those products/services by the consumer. You will explore the functions of marketing with a specific emphasis on promotion, selling, market research, distribution, and pricing.

Professional Communications - BUS4070, .5 credit, Grades 10-12

Communication is a skill set that is extremely important in the pursuit of academic and career success. Whether you are planning to go to work immediately upon graduation, attend a technical college, or go to a four-year university, communication skills are crucial. A survey of the top Fortune 500 companies indicates that strong communication skills accompanied by teamwork are the most important skills in job effectiveness. This course will incorporate project-based learning, professional presentations, and case studies. Various topics that will be covered in this course include corporate presentations, business and international etiquette, “netiquette”, digital tools in business, communication strategies, and professional workplace procedures.

Accounting - BUS2010, 1.0-credit, Grades 10-12

Accounting is the key to opening the door to the business world and that is why it is called the "language of business." Every business in our society is impacted by accounting-based decisions. In addition, accounting is essential in many occupations as well as being useful in comprehending your personal finances. Understanding how accounting data is accumulated through the double-entry procedure and the reporting and basic analysis of this financial information are key outcomes of the course. Other topics covered include payroll, inventory, depreciation, and career exploration.  This is an important college preparatory course for students planning to major in any area of business.

Take Charge:  Leading and Managing! - BUS4080, .5-credit, Grades 11-12

Learn management and leadership skills that span across all functions of a business and your life. Current business and community topics and events will play a role in learning how the role of a manager/leader continues to evolve.  In this class you will learn how to plan, organize and implement various management, supervisory, and leadership strategies and techniques to be truly successful!

Law & Ethics - formerly Business & Personal Law - BUS3010, .5-credit, Grades 10-12

What can you do if you’ve been tricked into a poor contract? Where would you take your lawsuit? How high up the court structure can your case go? Learn answers to these and other legal questions pertaining to both personal and business law applications. This course is designed to familiarize you with the basic legal principles relevant to your roles as citizens, consumers and employees. Content includes the origin of law, criminal and civil law, the court system, business ethics, basic elements of contracts, intellectual property, consumer laws, employer-employee relations, and environmental law. Emphasis throughout the course will be given to application of basic principles of law to everyday situations through case studies, possible field trips, and class discussion. You will also undertake a “mock trial” experience, which provides firsthand experience in a courtroom atmosphere.

Advertising & Social Media - formerly Advertising and Display - MRK1030, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

Advertising and Social Media is designed to challenge you in analyzing topics related to advertising, social media, and customer service; as well as designing visual and digital media for real-life application. Classroom activities will showcase fun and challenging case studies that will provide a good understanding of many careers in business and marketing.

Advanced Marketing* - formerly Marketing 2 - MRK1020, 1.0-credit, Grades 11-12

Advanced Marketing is designed to expand the concepts of Marketing and Sales if you are interested in a marketing career. Classroom focus is group instruction with the opportunity to apply “real-life” situations to the real world while working with the school based enterprise and local business partners. (Dual/transcripted credit is offered by Madison College with transfer possibilities to other colleges and universities.)

Sport & Event Management - formerly Sports & Entertainment Marketing - MRK1040, .5-credit, Grades 11-12

Billions of dollars are spent annually on sports and other forms of entertainment. This fascinating service area is a growing industry that employs advertising and promotion agents, personal  assistants, sports agents, event planners, and many other professionals. You will apply the fundamental principles and concepts in sports and event management and develop critical thinking and decision‐making skills through hands-on, real-world projects. Classroom instruction will be reinforced through guest speakers, case studies, and field trips.

**Industry certification can be earned.

  *College Credit