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Madison Metropolitan School District

Early Childhood Development

Human Services Pathway

This pathway map represents a suggested sequence of courses leading to capstone, work-based learning, and post-secondary experiences which will assist students in being as successful as possible after leaving high school.  Although each student will personalize their experiences, the earlier a student begins this sequence, the more opportunities students will have to fully explore the educational and community options available. These sequences should be coupled with appropriate core courses, as well as life-skills and courses in a student’s area of interest.

Course Descriptions:

Parenting and Children - FCS2030, .5-credit, Grades 9-12

What can we, as parents, do to help children grow to their fullest potential?  Students explore how to teach skills as varied as toilet training and reading, while fostering their family’s culture and values. Students will have opportunities to explore realistic life experiences by taking home a baby simulator. Units of study include: effective parenting, health and safety of children, children’s nutrition, teaching the love of learning, and working with children with various needs.

Child Development (Birth – 5 Years) - FCS2010, .5-credit, Grades 10-12

This course focuses on the growth and development of children from conception to age five. Students will learn about the various areas of development (physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral) as a child grows. Opportunities for real-world application may include taking home a baby simulator. This course is valuable to those who decide to be parents or those who will be working with children in the future.

Independent Living - FCS2060, .5-credit, Grades 10-12

Prepare yourself for a life after high school.  Personal growth, financial literacy, legal responsibilities, protective behaviors--many topics to make your transition to the real world easier.

Healthy Relationships - FCS2050, .5-credit, Grades 11-12

This course takes a mature look at the many aspects surrounding relationships and sexuality.  Students taking this course should be willing to participate in a discussion based format. Units of study include: understanding ourselves, communication, decision‐making, relationships, abstinence, and family crisis.

Careers with Children (ACCT Certification) - FCS2020, .5-credit, Grades 11-12, Course Fee:  $10
Successful students will have completed Child Development (Birth - 5 Years) with a “C” or better.

This course is for students who are capable of earning their Assistant Child Care Teacher (ACCT) Certification through the Department of Public Instruction, valuable for any career involving children. This class is challenging, and rewarding, as students plan and operate their own “in-house” preschool applying course knowledge and skills. “The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Early Childhood Education Programs will grant a student who has successfully completed the DPI approved ACCT Course from a Wisconsin high school, three elective credits upon acceptance into, and demonstrated success within, the WTCS Early Childhood Education Program (#10-307-1).”  

**Industry certification can be earned.

  *College Credit