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Madison Metropolitan School District

Technology and Engineering

Technology and Engineering is a secondary program to prepare students for the following career clusters/pathways:

While completing course sequences in these clusters, students participate in instructional units that educate them in standardized industry processes related to concepts, layout, design, materials, production, assembly, quality control, maintenance, troubleshooting, construction, repair and service of industrial, commercial and residential goods and products.  The courses prepare students for more effective living in a growing industrial and highly technological society. The laboratory ‘hands-on’ approach in technology education provides experiences for students to assist them in discovering and developing aptitudes and interests in technology. 

Courses are designed to provide students with the needed technical knowledge and dexterity skills to prepare for college-level studies in engineering, science-related majors, or to pursue technical career fields in industry or the government. Technology and engineering programs reinforce student learning in critical thinking, problem solving, design, and group dynamic skills.

Coursework is rigorous and leads to numerous dual-credit opportunities and industry certifications .  Opportunities to develop and apply leadership, social, civic, and technology-related skills are provided through SkillsUSA, the Career-Technical Student Organizations for technology and engineering students.

TEE programs also offer many Life Skill options available to all students.

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