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Madison Metropolitan School District

TEE Life Skills

Technology & Engineering Life Skills Courses

Course Descriptions:

Consumer Auto - TEC2010, .5-credit, Grades 9-12, Course Fee:  $20

This course is designed for the students who would like to own and maintain a personal vehicle. This course covers basic car care, under hood inspection (fluids, belts, hoses), removing & replacing items (wiper blades, bulbs, fuses), cooling system maintenance, battery/charging system diagnosis, lubrication system maintenance, tire information, brake inspection, minor ignition system maintenance (spark plug, wires, firing order), car buying, car insurance, and service information.

Home Maintenance and Improvement - TEC3020, .5-credit, Grades 9-12, Course Fee:  $30

This course covers the fundamental systems that comprise a residential dwelling including electrical, plumbing, framing etc. Students will learn practical maintenance and home improvement skills that apply to  both future homeowners and those interested in the skilled trades.  

Wood Fabrication 1 - formerly Introduction to Woodworking - TEC3010, .5-credit, Grades 9-12, Course Fee:  $20

This foundational course puts students in the driver’s seat of their manufacturing and/or construction pathway.  Applying safety, measurement, hand and power tools, students will produce a variety of projects using wood.  From material preparation to the final product, students will use basic production processes, working drawings and a plan of procedure to complete skill developing projects.

**Industry Certification

*College Credit