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Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship is a rigorous one or two year elective program for juniors and seniors, that combines academic and technical classroom instruction with mentored, on-the-job training to provide students with industry-established occupational and employability skills. Post-secondary and business partnerships are essential for a successful youth apprenticeship program. 

Please note that application to the Youth Apprenticeship program does not guarantee job placement.  Full participation in the program and the ability to earn the Youth Apprenticeship certificate requires both on-the-job training and related technical classroom instruction.

Currently, Youth Apprenticeship programs are offered in the following areas (click on an individual area to find additional information):

Checklist to Completing a Youth Apprenticeship

Step 1: Career Exploration and Research

The Youth Apprenticeship Program is a great tool for students to use to explore a particular industry or career path they are interested in pursuing after high school. Before applying, students should:

  • Visit the State of Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Website to learn more about the different industry areas.

  • Narrow down which industry (or two) they would like to apply to work in for their Youth Apprenticeship. Students should consider their interests, skillsets, related courses they’ve already taken in these industry areas while deciding on the industry areas.

  • Talk with their counselor to help narrow down the different career options and what courses might be available at school related to those options

  • Talk with family, neighbors, friends, and community members who are in the industry(s) they are interested in learning more about. Not only is this a great way to learn about that industry, but it may also open the doors for a potential job placement!

Step 2: Learn About the Youth Apprenticeship Program

Youth Apprenticeship Info Nights 2024

Students who are interested in becoming a Youth Apprentice should attend an info session held in the beginning of the spring semester to learn more about the program. Students looking to participate in the Youth Apprenticeship program for the 2024-2025 school year must attend one of the following sessions. Please click the link(s) below to register.

Registration Links for Info Sessions

Virtual Sessions on January 22, 2024 OR March 6, 2024

In Person Session on February 13, 2024

If you are unable to attend an info session, please contact Annie Johnston ( to find a time to discuss the program and next steps.

Step 3: Student Application

Students may apply to be in the Youth Apprenticeship program anytime during their sophomore year through the end of their senior year of high school. When applying, students should have the following information ready:

  1. Names and email addresses of 3 references (2 may be from school, 1 must be from the community such as an employer). Family members and friends should NOT be references

  2. Name and email address of student’s parent/guardian

  3. List of classes student has ALREADY taken that relate to the Youth Apprenticeship program

  4. Resume (not required to submit application, but strongly encouraged)

Please note that a submitted application does not guarantee admittance into the program. Students must meet with Experiential Learning staff during Youth Apprenticeship Interview (see Step 4) to be considered.

Application Form

Step 4: Youth Apprenticeship Interview

Once the student completes their application, an intake interview will be conducted between the Experiential Learning Coordinator and the student. This interview goes over the student’s application and discusses the next steps towards the student’s admittance into the program.

Step 5: Get Ready

Once admitted, student will work with Experiential Learning staff to complete the steps identified during the Youth Apprenticeship Interview. This could include: finalizing resume, submitting references, enrolling in related coursework, etc. Student will then work toward gaining employment within their chosen Youth Apprenticeship career cluster.

**a Youth Apprenticeship employer placement is not guaranteed upon admittance into the Youth Apprenticeship program. Students are encouraged to reach out to employers they are interested in working with in addition to applying to opportunities shared by Youth Apprenticeship staff.

Step 6: Employed

Once a student is hired, they will need to

  • Schedule an Education and Training Agreement within 30 days of hire. Student, Employer, Parent/Guardian, and Youth Apprenticeship staff must be present at this meeting

  • Accept invitation to Youth Apprenticeship Google Classroom

Step 7: Youth Apprenticeship Program Completion

  • Student will complete all required Google Classroom assignments, time tracking, semester reflections, and attend in-person group sessions and 1:1 meetings as needed

  • Student will complete at total of 450 hours per year

  • Submit a final industry job guide and post-program survey

For general inquiries or questions on how to apply, please contact Annie Johnston, Experiential Learning Coordinator, at

Resources for Students

Getting the Apprenticeship Training

  • Self-paced information on how to successfully complete applications, write a resume/cover letter, and interviewing techniques

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Dane County School Consortium Student Resources

If you are interested in learning more about the Youth Apprenticeship program but are not ready (or old enough) to apply, please complete the interest form and someone will contact you to discuss your questions.

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