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Madison Metropolitan School District

Youth Apprenticeship

Studnets working in a lab, office and automotive shop

Youth Apprenticeship, or YA, is a rigorous one- or two-year elective program for juniors and seniors, that combines academic and technical classroom instruction with mentored, on-the-job training to provide students with industry-established occupational and employability skills. Post-secondary and business partnerships are essential for a successful youth apprenticeship program. 

Please note that application to the Youth Apprenticeship program does not guarantee job placement.  Full participation in the program and the ability to earn the Youth Apprenticeship certificate requires both on-the-job training and related technical classroom instruction.

Currently, YA programs are offered in the following areas (click on an individual area to find additional information):

In the news

A New Class of Apprentices

Madison students get hands-on experience working on city vehicles - March 5, 2018

 Checklist to Completing Youth Apprenticeship

STEP 1: Student Preparation

Students who are interested in becoming a youth apprentice should attend an info session held in the beginning of the spring semester to learn more about the program.

Register Here to receive the zoom and other information

STEP 2: Student Application

Students can apply online here to become a youth apprentice anytime during their sophomore year through the end of the 1st semester of their senior year. Interested students can also contact their School-Based Experiential Learning Liaison for more information.

When applying, make sure to have the emails of 3 adults who can be a reference. These can be your teachers, other school staff, community members, or a previous employer. We will send them a form once you submit your application to provide a quick recommendation for you. If something on the form does not apply to you, type "N/A" or "None".

STEP 3: Intake Interview

Once the student completes their application, they will need to meet with the school's Experiential Learning Liaison for an in-person interview.

STEP 4: Get Ready

Student will work with the school liaison to prepare a resume, submit a parent/guardian certification, and review or enroll in related coursework. Students will then work toward gaining employment within their chosen YA career cluster.

STEP 5: Employed

Once a student is employed, they will need to:

  • Schedule an ETA meeting within 30 days of employment
  • Meet with their school-based experiential learning liaison to join the YA google classroom
  • Work with the liaison to schedule quarterly in-person performance evaluations

STEP 6: YA Program Completion

  • Student will complete all required Google classroom check-ins, time tracking, in-person meetings and final reflection
  • Student will complete a total of 450 hours per year
  • Submit a final industry checklist and post survey

For general inquiries or questions on how to apply, please contact Annie Johnston, Experiential Learning Coordinator at

Resources for Students

Youth Apprenticeship Student Handbook

Resume and Interview Preparation
Resume Template (Google Doc)

School-based Experiential Learning Liaisons
The School-based Experiential Learning Liaison is an on-site contact for students to support increased student achievement and Youth Apprenticeship Program success.

  • East High School - (See your counselor)
  • La Follette High School - Jaime Alvis
  • Memorial High School - Trina Menges
  • West High School - Lianne Davis
  • Capital High - Jovan Radicevic
  • Shabazz City High - Elizabeth Long

Resources for Employers

Resources for Educators