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Madison Metropolitan School District

MMSD-Sponsored Extended and Overnight Trips and Tours for Students

Domestic or Foreign Tours, or Overnight and Extended Trips that travel in excess of 150-miles each way during the school year will need to complete both Conditional and Extended Trip forms. Athletic OR Club Contest Trips will only need to complete the Athletic OR Club Contest Trip form.

Please submit paperwork as soon as you are aware that the trip will be taking place. All paperwork for Final Approval needs to be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the trip departure date.  Requests should be submitted by email to Roxanne Amundson.

When Planning Your Trip

  • Make sure that you have all of the required materials in hand before submitting your final request to the Chiefs Office.  You can use the checklist in the "Forms and Resources" section below to verify that all documents are included before submitting your trip for final approval.
  • Because field trips, excursions and extracurricular activities are fundamentally expected to provide educational experiences that are integral to the classroom programming and/or extracurricular activity, staff must accommodate participation by any qualifying student regardless of disability or economic circumstances.  In order for any trip to be considered school-sponsored, the criteria set forth in the definitions section of  BOE Policies 3350 and 5100 must be met.
  • Purchasing cards (pcards) are to be used for all trip expenses.  A personal credit card is to only be used in exceptional circumstances (i.e. our bank does not recognize the vendor code), and reimbursement for that individual is to be made from a school-based account.
  • District-drafted contracts under $1,000.00 can be approved by the school principal or executive director.  District-drafted contracts over $1,000.00 are to be sent to the Assistant Superintendent for Business, for approval of any contract or agreement in relation to the tour that purports to bind the Board or the District to its terms.  Any contract not on District-drafted forms must be approved by Legal Services before being signed on behalf of the District.  More information about contract and service procedures can be found below via the Contract / Service Agreement Toolkit link.
  • All volunteers / chaperones, if working unsupervised with students, must have a current background check on file with Human Resources.  Volunteer applications can be completed online via this link.

Requirements for Transporting Students

When transporting students using an "alternative vehicle", or a vehicle other than a school bus, the below guidelines must be followed and the requirements outlined in BOE Policy 8350 must be satisfactorily met:

  • State Law (Section 121.555(1)(a), Wis. Stats.): A motor vehicle transporting 9 or less passengers in addition to the operator.
  • MMSD: Cannot have a retro-fitted van. Can only have a vehicle with 10-people capacity; vehicles over 10-people capacity are not stable for transporting people.
  • When Driving a Rental Car: All forms and documents related to staff members transporting students (Request to Use Personal Vehicle, Proof of Insurance, Copy of Driver's License, etc.) need to be sent to Steve Ryan, Risk Manager. Forms are available below, and once completed can be emailed to him at This information must be on file before any staff member or volunteer/chaperone can transport students.
  • Personal Auto: Employee approval must be on record for Personal Vehicle Use for Student Transportation, otherwise a Request to Use Personal Vehicle or Rental Vehicle to Transport Students (signed by both the Principal and Chief of School Operations) needs to be submitted, with Alternative Vehicle Driver Information forms, along with medical verification form, driver’s license and WI DOT record, vehicle inspection and personal insurance along with the insurance coverage levels.

Forms and Resources

One Pager for Extended & Overnight Trip Process
Extended & Overnight Trip Check-Off List
Online Volunteer Application
Field Trips (Student Trips & Tours) FAQ
Contract / Service Agreement Toolkit
DPI Toolkit to Meet Student Health Needs While on School-Sponsored Trips

BOE Policy 3350
BOE Policy 5100
BOE Policy 8350

Enterprise Reservation System
Employees Transporting Students (Board Policies 3350 & 8350)
Alternative Vehicle Driver Information Request Form
Request to Use Personal or Rental Vehicle to Transport Students, Medical Verification Form, Vehicle Condition Statement

If you have any questions, please contact Roxanne Amundson via email or at (608) 663-1633