Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 1:45pm

Students are learning a new language at Crestwood School – computer programming. Scratchers are using the highly popular software program, Scratch, to create their own interactive art, animations, stories and computer games. Sixteen fourth and fifth graders meet after school every Wednesday for 10 weeks in Crestwood LMC Computer Lab to learn key math and logic concepts and programming skills that they will be able to use over and over when coding.

Parent volunteer, Dana Dobbins coordinates the Scratch program at Crestwood School and recruits UW Computer Science students as instructors. All 4/5 students are provided the opportunity to explore various coding programs during the school day in their REACH class under the direction of Gail Borchers, Crestwood’s Library Media Technology Specialist.
Borchers says, “Scratch class is very special to our students. I love being able to utilize the community resources from UW and involve a parent volunteer to bring such a worthwhile and in-depth program to our students. Once a student has gained a little experience in coding he/she will be ready to tackle more challenging programming languages. You never know where this might take a student, maybe on a career path. In meantime students are having fun learning a new language.”
Submitted by Gail Borchers, Crestwood Library Media Technology Specialist,

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