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Madison Metropolitan School District

Communications & Public Affairs


Supporting Our School Communities

The MMSD Communications Department serves students, parents, the community and the media by delivering clear, timely and accurate information. The Communications Department also assists schools with communication and marketing efforts.


  • MMSD Brand Management
  • Media relations & collaboration
  • Creative design services
  • Marketing and promotion
  • School based communications guidance and support
  • Content creation and management 
  • Internal communications
  • Social media management and strategy
  • Website management, design and strategy
  • Communications technology and innovation
  • Video production, livestream and podcast development 
  • Crisis and emergency response communications
  • Staff training and consultation
  • Publications and print material development
  • Large event coordination and support
  • Communications plan development

Media Requests

All media requests, including interviews, photographing and videotaping, should be made through the Communications Office. Partnering with the Communications staff to fulfill media requests will ensure the safety and privacy of our students and faculty.

Safety and Security Communication

We always try to keep our families up to date on information as we learn it. Sometimes the speed of social media travels much faster than the time it takes to conduct an investigation. We want to ensure that the information we share with you is accurate as we work with our law enforcement partners.

Website: Pop ups will appear on our websites to alert visitors about vital information. They will be used to announce weather delays, special events, calendar reminders or other emergency information.

Social Media: We utilize our Facebook page, and Instagram accounts for news and stories about and for our MMSD community. This includes district weather and safety information. School specific social media is utilized for safety and security only for school specific updates.

News Media and Government Relations Contact:

MMSD Facebook Feed