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Our district has a simple but bold vision – thriving schools that prepare graduates for college, career, and community. To achieve this vision, we need exceptional central office departments that inspire excellence with equity and produce the highest-quality products and services. Central Office Measures of Performance (COMPs) are one way that we set goals, monitor their progress, and evaluate success in MMSD.  

Why Create a COMP?

Throughout the annual COMP process, departments identify their work streams, priority projects, and metrics/data for monitoring completion and success. The COMP process aligns with both the MMSD’s Strategic Framework and the Central Office Satisfaction Survey, administered to central office departments every spring. The COMP Theory of Action follows a similar logic to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) Theory of Action: If we execute these work streams and priority projects effectively, we will fulfill our department’s purpose and provide the highest level of support to schools, students, and families.

Click on the "Download 2018-19 COMP Resource Overview" link below to download the COMP Resource Overview document.

Step 1: Complete COMP Template

Action Tools & Resources
     COMP Process Flowchart

     Resource 1a

     COMP Reflection

     Resource 1b

     COMP Template

     Resource 1c

     Question Checklist to Finalize Preliminary COMP      Resource 1d

Step 2: Finalize & Post COMP

Action Tools & Resources
     Review COMP      No associated tool

Step 3: Monitor Progress

Action Tools & Resources
     Using the COMP Template to Monitor Progress      Resource 3a
     Post-Central Office Institute Work Time Examples

     Resource 3b

     Navigating Mid-Year and End-of-Year Review Processes

     Resource 3c

Project Management

Manage Projects Effectively

Project management plays an integral role in the success of COMPs. In 2015-16, central office departments jointly focused on project management as a method to efficiently and successfully complete projects in order to better serve the district. Project charter and work plan materials, along with other project management tools, can be found in the Project Management Toolkit.

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*This content was reviewed and updated in August 2018*