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The referendum to improve accessibility, add learning space to overcrowded schools, renovate buildings in need of repair and upgrade our technology infrastructure passed on April 7, 2015, with an 82% majority. Read more.


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Updates from the Assistant Director of Facilities Services Rick Hopke, Director of Building Services Chad Wiese and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Mike Barry.

Heating and Ventilation Equipment Installed in East High Theater

The East High theater is looking wonderful. Photos taken on June 9, 2017 show work on the stage rigging, as well as wall finishes and wood trim being installed. New heating and ventilation equipment and the elevator have been installed. 
Lighting and acoustical clouds will be installed in late June. Flooring is scheduled for installation in early July, followed by seating. 

Kennedy Addition Looking Good, Work on Exterior Continues

The addition at Kennedy Elementary School is looking good. Photos taken on June 9, 2017 show that upper level classrooms, the main office and nurse's suite are nearly complete. Classroom furniture is at the school and office furniture is scheduled for delivery in late July. Work on the exterior continues and the patio will be poured in mid-June, followed by landscaping. 

Work on the existing building will start mid-June. Temporary walls, an old office area and ceilings adjacent to the new addition will be demolished in preparation for the interior renovation. Final inspection for the elevator is scheduled for July.