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Request for Assistance

Request for Assistance Flowchart - find full description on page

The Madison Metropolitan School District (the "MMSD") understands that parents, students, family members, MMSD employees and community members at large may have concerns about the practices and operations in its schools and/or district office. The MMSD encourages its community to share those concerns with its school-based and district office staff with the goal of reaching a resolution.

Consistent with this message, the Request for Assistance system is designed to encourage and facilitate effective communication between schools and the community they serve and to resolve student-centered concerns between the schools, the school district, and parents, students, and other interested parties.

Navigating Complex Issues

The purpose of the Request for Assistance system is to support schools to address elevated student-centered concerns, specifically concerns a school has not yet resolved or did not resolve to the families' satisfaction. It is the MMSD's practice to support its school-based administrators, teachers, and staff to resolve such concerns first at the school-level, whenever possible and appropriate. When a resolution cannot be reached at the school level, the procedures above are available for review of the concern at the highest administrative level.

If you have not yet spoken with your child's school principal regarding your concerns, we encourage you to contact your child's school principal first to try to reach a resolution. If you have already spoken with your child's school principal, but your concerns have not been resolved, please use the parent inquiry line to contact district office staff for support and follow the flowchart above.

Request for Assistance Text Flowchart