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Madison Metropolitan School District

Advanced Learning

About Advanced Learning

Focusing on both talent development and the needs of students already demonstrating high achievement is the essence of what we do. This focus is anchored in the belief that recognizing, supporting and developing academic talent within our diverse school communities is the responsibility of our school district. We work to remove barriers to access and opportunity to ensure the equitable reach of Advanced Learning services.

In the past, each elementary and middle school was assigned a half-time Advanced Learning Specialist. Their role included partnering with teachers and other school staff to guide Advanced Learning implementation, as well as providing direct support to students. At this time, our staff will support grade level lesson extensions K-8 in core content areas of mathematics, social science/humanities, and English/Language Arts. AL specialists and AL Teacher Leaders will continue to collaborate with school leadership, teams of teachers, and families to communicate progress and support additional student needs.

At our high schools, the Advanced Learning Coordinator, as well as our K-12 Teacher Leader works with school administrators, including principals, department chairs, counselors and teachers to address Advanced Learning needs. The Advanced Learning Plan defines Advanced Learning, provides guidance for how to identify Advanced Learners, and outlines strategies for supporting students with Advanced Learning needs.

We will continue to use the rally of Rise Up to address the adjustments needed to increase exceptional Advanced Learning services for MMSD students and families.

Our program's focus goals are to:

  • Meet the needs of Advanced Talent Learners through accelerated curriculum access and extension of learning in all content areas
  • Guide and mentor students and families as they consider career and college pathways through clearly articulated trajectory maps
  • Continue to use the most recent research on the identification of Accelerated and Talented Learners to meet their academic and socio-emotional needs.
  • Collaborate and work in partnership with our students, families, and schools to ensure advanced learning opportunities exist in all classroom settings