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Madison Metropolitan School District

Advanced Learning Advisory Committee

The Advanced Learning Advisory Committee (ALAC) will meet several times each year. One of the focus areas during these public meetings will be to review current Advanced Learning (AL) data and identify trends, provide progress updates on the Advanced Learning (AL) Plan implementation and receive feedback from all interested stakeholders. The Advanced Learning (AL) Department and staff will work with all schools to promote the committee and to identify potential members.

All Advanced Learning Advisory Committee (ALAC) meetings will be open to the public. Any students, parents, teachers, principals, and other MMSD staff, as well as all community members, are welcome and encouraged to participate. Meetings will be scheduled throughout the school year, and will take place across multiple venues to promote active engagement. 

Our main charge in continuing the work of the AL Advisory Committee, outlined by the OCR Resolution, is to assess the effectiveness of the District’s outreach efforts, coursework and programming options, and referral and identification practices. We will take steps to address root causes of identified racial disparities and to assess the effectiveness of MMSD's efforts to increase participation of African American and Hispanic students in advanced coursework and programming options. 

District Advanced Learning Plan

The current plan will be revised with an Audit completed by an outside consultant and work with the Research and Innovation department.

Advisory Committee Community Meetings

Maybe you are new to the world of Advanced  Learning or have significant experience or knowledge and would like to contribute to the conversations and learning surrounding talented and gifted learning, then Advanced Learning Advisory Committee (ALAC) meetings are the place for you!

We will be meeting at The Holtzman Center Location 333 Holtzman Rd, Madison, WI 53713

ALAC Meeting Dates

Meetings are on Thursdays,
6-7 p.m. is a regular Advanced Learning Meeting, and 7-8 p.m. is specific to Advanced Learning Advisory Committee-Task Force work.