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Madison Metropolitan School District

Our Vision, Values and Mission

The Advanced Learning department envisions a school district in which every school recognizes and supports student advanced academic talent and potential in a way that allows students to grow in their learning at every grade level within specific academic subjects, overall academics, visual and performing arts, leadership and creativity.

Our Values

The Advanced Learning department values the learning potential of every MMSD student and each student’s right to be held to high academic expectations. This can be accomplished while recognizing that some students are ready to learn material and processes that are above grade level standards and/or at a pace faster than the average student at their age.

The work of our department reflects these values by providing an equitable, transparent, and culturally responsive K-12 Advanced Learning system that recognizes and meets the instructional needs of students who thrive with increased rigor, pacing, depth and complexity of instruction. This work is strengthened through community engagement, by creating a common vision and measurable goals and by defining the responsibilities of all stakeholders.

We believe that students identified as advanced learners should embody and include the diverse populations of our school communities including low-income students, twice-exceptional learners, English Language Learners, and students from other demographic groups historically underrepresented in Advanced Learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the Advanced Learning Department is to identify and support students who demonstrate high performance capability or the potential for high performance in one or more of five Advanced Learning domains (Specific Academic Subjects, General Intellectual, Visual and Performing Arts, Creativity, Leadership).

Our Equity Vision

The vision of the Advanced Learning (AL) Department is to create and implement systems and structures that fully support the identification and development of all students, and in particular Black and Hispanic/Latinae students with potential advanced learning needs.

The AL Department is committed to removing systemic barriers and guarding against bias in the identification and support of all students, with an explicit focus on better serving traditionally underrepresented students. The AL Department has the opportunity and the obligation to ensure that students are provided with equitable access to instructional supports and services.