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Madison Metropolitan School District

Digital Resource Request for Approval

In MMSD, all software and online tools go through an approval process in order to ensure they meet our standards for instructional quality and technical specifications. Do you have a software tool or online resource you’d like us to review for use in MMSD? Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, consult with the content leaders in your department (for example, your Teacher Leader, Instructional Coach, or Department Chair). Ask them if they use this software/online tool, or if there is another one they would recommend. Often, your department will already have a software plan in place that should meet your needs.

Step 2: If the software/online tool is not yet adopted in your school and you’d like to request it, please review the following lists to determine if it has already been approved for use in MMSD:

  1. Approved MMSD Digital Resource/Software List
  2. Approved MMSD Online Database Titles
  3. Approved MMSD Student Google Chrome Extensions

Step 3: If the software/online tool has not already been approved, fill out the Digital Resource Request for Approval.

NOTE: Due to a high volume of projects at the start of the school year, new software requests are only accepted between October 15th through August 15th.

Step 4: Our cross-functional team will review the proposed tool for content quality and technical specifications.

Step 5: If approved, you will be notified and the software/online tool will be added to the appropriate list. Your department can then begin planning for purchasing, roll-out, training, etc. to successfully introduce your new software/online tool.

If not approved, you will be notified and should consult with your content leads for alternative solutions.

Please note: Content and technical approval does not necessarily guarantee funding approval. Be sure to consult with the appropriate department or school budget manager when filling out this request form.

Email Nick Pinzke with any questions. Thank you!