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Literacy Curriculum Resources for Families - EL Curriculum

What are children doing and saying in class each day with the EL Curriculum?

Taking risks
Students stretch and grow their abilities by engaging with difficult texts and opening up to feedback from others by sharing their thinking. They surprise themselves with the levels they’re able to achieve.

Loving books
Students get hooked on what they’re reading and ask for more. The content is interesting, relevant, and fun. There are no textbooks or anthologies, only original texts.

Working together
The curriculum makes room for students to collaborate in pairs, small groups, or as an entire class. Students with different proficiency levels and abilities have opportunities to work together on the same content and learn from one another.

Owning standards
Students take ownership of their learning and can tell you their learning targets for each module. They know their jobs as learners and have plans to meet their goals.

Using expert vocabulary
Students can use expert-level academic and subject-specific vocabulary in discussions and writing about compelling topics.

Citing evidence
Students refer to specific examples from the texts they’re reading to make a strong case for their positions in writing and discussion.

Students consistently give and receive feedback and revise their work to bring it to a higher standard of excellence.

Thinking critically
Students engage in original research and deep interdisciplinary investigations of rich academic topics. They develop habits of inquiry, analysis, critical thinking, and craftsmanship.

Students proudly present high-quality learning products to peers, teachers and others beyond the classroom, knowing that their school work can have a positive impact on the world.

Two speech bubbles

Discuss at Home

Encourage conversations at home about topics students experience in class.

Finger pointing to lines in a book.

Read at Home

Provide books and support
reading that aligns with the
curriculum at home.

ABC on a presentation board.

Attend Presentations

Students have many chances
to test their knowledge and
improve their skills.

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