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Madison Metropolitan School District

Mathematics Interventions

The primary focus of instruction in mathematics is the Common Core State Standards. MMSD uses Investigations for the primary resource of instruction in elementary and Connected Math Project 2 as our primary resource of instruction in the Core mathematics program in Middle School. Here, students are receiving grade level content, differentiated to meet the needs of the students within the classroom. Core instruction with Tier 1 level differentiation lives in the mathematics core classroom.

The interventions offered in mathematics are continually focused on getting kids back into Core. With very few exceptions, interventions are not a replacement to Core, but rather supplemental instruction.The purpose of intervention is to identify gaps in students’ understandings of foundational concepts, meet their needs from a variety of resource choices, progress monitor their growth and return them solely to Core once they have reached the desired benchmark. Tier 2 and 3 levels of differentiation are supported by interventions.