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Madison Metropolitan School District

iReady Diagnostic and iReady Instruction

Built for the Common Core, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product.

This single platform offers an online, adaptive assessment.  It is built for the Common Core State Standards, identifies where students are struggling relative to the standards, measures growth over time, and supports data-driven differentiated instruction. It provides teachers and administrators with detailed reports to help understand what each student can do and the next steps to inform instruction.

The i-Ready Diagnostic is:

  • Nationally norm referenced

  • Helps to identify gaps and strengths above and below grade level

  • Offers next steps for instruction around the areas to develop with Teacher led PDFs

  • Supports grades 2-8 standards

  • Can be used to support high school as a universal screener for incoming 9th graders and for targeted intervention classes

  • Provides growth monitoring data points with global outcome measures

  • Is rated nationally through National Council of Intensive Interventions (NCII)

    • Will meet criteria for SLD with progress monitoring

      • Offers progress monitoring assessments that are shorter

      • 15-20 minute versions of the adaptive diagnostic assessment

i-Ready Instruction

i-Ready Student Instruction is an adaptive, online instruction program that is based on the results of the i-Ready Diagnostic. Students are placed into student instruction customized to meet their placement levels. The online lessons provide a consistent, best-practice lesson structure and builds conceptual understanding. The mathematics domains addressed are: number and operations, Algebra and Algebraic Thinking, Measurement and Data and Geometry.

Teacher Supports

i-Ready Teacher Training Guide

i-Ready Teacher User Guide

i-Ready Diagnostic Checklist for Teachers

Getting Started with i-Ready recorded webinar

This link will bring you to the training resources for i-Ready. Please click on the "recorded webinars" bar, and then on the “getting started with i-Ready diagnostic and instruction” video.  The first 50 minutes of the video focus on the diagnostic, which is our primary use for i-Ready at this time. If your school has purchased the i-Instruction piece, then continue with the entire webinar.

This webinar will walk you through an overview of the system, how to administer the diagnostic, how to read and use the reports, etc.  When watching this webinar, please have the i-Ready Teacher Training Guide with you for reference and text marking (see above to download your copy).