Defining our future strategy - three elementary school boys smiling in a school hallway and looking at cameraThe MMSD Strategic Framework, now in its fifth year, is our roadmap to raising achievement for all students and closing achievement gaps. What sets it apart from past efforts is its coherence – its pieces are logically connected and consistent and are aimed at measurable goals for lasting progress.

Now is the time to reflect on our progress, to gather your ideas about what changes we should make to our strategy. What have we accomplished? Where have we struggled?

Our coherent strategy, implemented in 2013...

  • Calls for school-based leaders to develop and monitor a school improvement plan annually. 
  • Aligns professional development with our common definition of great teaching and ongoing race and equity work. 
  • Puts schools at the center, ensuring they have the resources to get the job done and to identify and tear down barriers to progress. 

Over the past four years, our strategy has helped us make progress in many areas

red circle icon with symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication and equals.District-wide K-8 literacy and math curriculum, clear action plans to ensure our students with disabilities, our English language learners and our advanced learners meet their full potential. 
green circle icon of spiral notebook with shape of a person's head and shouldersAcademic and career planning and Personalized Pathways connecting coursework to real-world applications for our secondary students.
green circle icon with two speech bubblesConsistent standards for family partnership, Family & Community Engagement Action Teams, innovative parent-teacher conference models and two Community Schools.
teal circle icon with drawing of photo IDRevamped hiring process, with a focus on diversifying teaching staff and leadership.
green circle icon of bar graph with three bars getting progressively taller and an arrow pointing from the shortest to the tallestComprehensive accountability systems, reporting publickly on progress and next steps.
green circle icon with drawing of a buildingMore transparent, strategic budget process, passage of a facilities referendum, implementation of our technology plan. 

Elementary results improving under Strategic Framework after being flat for yearsWe are making much-needed progress across the district, and we are making tremendous, gap-narrowing progress in some schools. 

But it is not nearly enough. While student groups are improving the disparities are still enormous.

In the next phase of our framework, we want to move from building coherence to more transformational change and we believe we can. We believe it is time – and know it has always been time – for better, vastly better results for our most marginalized youth. Our results must reflect their inherent capability, their strengths and their potential.

Imagine a time in the future...

Help us develop the next version of our Strategic Framework, which will drive our work, starting in the 2018-19 school year. 

Start by imagining a time in the future when we are celebrating our progress – with dramatically more students on track to graduate high school ready for college, career and community. 

Imagine the actions we took to get there. Where did we double down on previous success? Where did we make bold moves? Share your ideas below. After you click submit, you'll be taken to a page where you can read about our ideas so far and give your feedback on them. 

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