Implementation of drug sweeps in Madison schools

K9On September 26, 2011 the Madison Board of Education approved the MMSD Administration’s proposal for implementing drug sweeps in middle and high schools in partnership with the Madison Police Department's K9 unit.

This preventative measure was decided upon after a community wide discussion, which shaped this decision for our schools. Read about the discussion here.

Beginning December 2011, the district will move toward a more comprehensive, consistent safety, and drug and alcohol prevention strategy.  Sweeps by the Madison Police canine unit is only one of the many strategies and tools for prevention.

Below is information on the background of this decision and an explanation how it is being implemented.

FAQ/commonly asked questions
Background info
Community assessment of attitudes and opinions
MMSD AODA prevention summary

Use of Drug Detection Dogs in MMSD Schools

In accordance with Board Policy 4400, the following procedures will be followed for conducting drug sweeps in MMSD property:

Drug sweeps are conducted by the Madison Police upon request from a middle or high school principal
Drug sweeps require the Superintendent’s approval
Drug sweeps utilizing police K9 teams may be conducted in secondary schools only
Drug sweeps will be conducted while students are in class or outside school hours unless exigent circumstances exist or with approval of the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee
Drug sweeps may be used to search common areas, storage facilities, vehicles parked on school property and lockers owned by the district
Drug sweeps will be conducted by a team including the principal or members of the Superintendent’s administrative team, the school Educational Resource Officer, if available, and the police K9 team
Examination of a student’s person by a police dog, including clothing while the student is wearing such clothing, is prohibited

School Procedure

  1. Request approval
  2. Prepare a plan
  3. Conduct the sweep
  4. Consequences and student family notification
  5. School notification and after-action