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Madison Metropolitan School District

Early Learning

The Department of Early Learning oversees the implementation of 4K and Play & Learn programs. Providing direct services, support and guidance for these programs to principals, schools, students and families to ultimately support the goal of all schools being thriving schools and every student prepared to graduate college, career and community ready.

Why should my child attend 4K at MMSD?

Children are born learning. They learn through play by observing, exploring, experimenting, talking, sharing, pretending, and having fun. Play based learning in the 4K classroom provides the opportunity for children to develop and build skills in several developmental areas including language development, vocabulary building, early literacy and math skill development, as well as social skill development. Learning through play also allows 4 year olds to express their feelings, ideas, and needs, as well as develop their imagination and creativity. Additionally, studies indicate that children who attend high-quality 4K programs show improvement in the development of these areas, and are less likely to repeat a grade.

MMSD offers a quality play-based 4K program where 4 year olds are provided the opportunity of learning through hands-on experiences that build a solid foundation for success in 5 year old Kindergarten and throughout their educational career. It is a program where children can learn, grow, and thrive.

The Department of Early Learning will be available to answer questions by email
(608) 663-5211