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Madison Metropolitan School District

Equity Fellows

Equity Fellows


Equity Fellows are leaders within Madison Metropolitan School District, representing a variety of roles across our school system from classroom teacher to Central Office. Through an application process in 2017-18, the first cohort of Equity Fellows was selected because of their passion for equity, the valuable perspective they bring to the Fellowship and their willingness to lead for equity.

These leaders went through a year of high-level leadership development and networking opportunities in partnership with the National Equity Project (NEP), and took the opportunity to step back from their daily work to reflect and collaborate with their peers on the unique ways that they can strengthen and shape the future of the educational excellence and equity movement for all within MMSD.

The Equity Fellows developed a core set of belief statements about their ability to have an impact in MMSD. We believe we can use our lived experiences, facilitation skills and critical analysis to serve as a group to disrupt and dismantle inequitable practices.

Working in close partnership with NEP staff, MMSD Fellows have worked to expand their skill and capacity in all of the Equity Competencies:

  • Facilitation and Instructional Leadership
    • Expand skill and capacity as facilitators of staff discussions and professional learning, focused on a range of topics that leverage Leadership and Teaching for Equity
  • Design (and Social Emotional Leadership)
    • Collaboratively design agendas and learning experiences that support staff to create a shift in conversations while examining disparities of success with the education system.
    • Examine school level and district structures and processes through a lens of equity and cultural responsiveness, to support innovation in the design of these systems
  • Equity Imperative
    • Deepen their ability as leaders to hold an equity lens within all aspects of their leadership.