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Madison Metropolitan School District

Family Youth & Community Engagement (FYCE)

Our Community Schools team and FYCE Coordinator support the school-based staff in building capacity to support the schools’ family, youth and engagement efforts. We use a targeted universalism framework that centers the needs of our historically marginalized and underserved family and student groups.

We also lead from the dual capacity-building framework and the continuum of involvement, engagement and collaboration strategies to strategically develop approaches to support family needs, engage them in culturally responsive ways, and develop collaborations to disrupt the systems and structures that have historically excluded our marginalized families and students.

We work to serve students, families/care-givers and community groups, as well as school and district staff. Our key bodies of work include creating, supporting and leading the following:

  • Annual Read Your Heart Out
  • Family Empowerment Groups
  • Youth mentorship
  • HBCU and HSI experiences
  • Multicultural student and/or family groups
  • Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Volunteer management
  • Community partnerships
  • Cross-departmental collaboration
  • Juneteenth 
  • And more!
Three students take a break from class to smile at the camera.

When families are respected and valued as full partners in the learning and healthy development of students, our schools will impact student achievement by building relationships anchored in trust and respect.

If you would like to reach us, please email