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Madison Metropolitan School District

Anti-Bullying Resources for Students

Distinguishing Bullying from Other Behaviors

Playful Teasing

  • Everyone is having fun
  • No one is getting hurt
  • Everyone is participating equally


  • No one is having fun
  • There is a possible solution to the disagreement
  • Equal balance of power

Mean Moment

  • Someone is being hurt on purpose
  • Reacting to a strong feeling or emotion


  • Someone is hurt on purpose
  • Imbalance of power

MMSD Anti-Bullying Policy

Students have the right to feel safe, respected and welcome and free from bullying

Bullying is...


Was it on purpose?


Physical, emotional or mental harm or suffering

Does it cause harm to someone?


Real or perceived imbalance of power

Does someone have more power?

How to Report

Tell and Adult
Fill out a bullying report form

What happens after I report?

Step 1

An adult will check in with you to find out the detail about what happened.

Step 2

An adult will check in with others who were involved

Step 3

An adult will check back in with you to know how they can support you.