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Madison Metropolitan School District

What to Expect After Bullying is Reported

This is an overview of the steps that will occur after a report of bullying is made.


School will promptly begin investigation
Usually first contact is with targeted student (and their family)

Any Immediate Safety Needs Will Be Addressed

These can be initial steps to ensure immediate safety of the targeted student

School Will Investigate

To determine if elements of bullying exist - intention, harm, imbalance of power
There will be communication with all families before investigation is completed

School Will Determine if Bullying Occurred

The school will look at all the information gathered and make a determination
This will be communicated with families

Support & Intervention as Needed - and Follow Up

If bullying occurred, school will develop safety & support plan for targeted student (with student and family input) and put interventions in place for student who engaged in bullying
Even if bullying didn't occur, school will offer support and intervention as needed