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Madison Metropolitan School District

Guidelines for distribution of non-school related materials

Organizations or individuals wishing to distribute, post or make available materials or information to MMSD students through schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District should review the criteria set forth in Board Policy #7041 (Distribution of Materials).  

Please note that formalized partnerships with the MMSD are exempt from this policy and should follow the guidelines specified on the page Guidelines for distribution of non-school related materials: Partnerships.

Requests to distribute information regarding a research study must be submitted to our External Research Committee and follow the committee's approval and distribution process.

Distribution Criteria

The materials or information made available to MMSD schools and students shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Be directed to students
  2. Come from an agency or group that is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity (e.g., charitable, educational, registered non-profit, governmental etc.) or non-income generating community group or individual
  3. Contain the following disclaimer:

    This is not a school-sponsored activity and the Madison Metropolitan School District does not approve, support, supervise or endorse this program/activity.

    Esta no es una actividad patrocinada por la escuela y el Distrito Escolar Metropolitano de Madison no aprueba, respalda, o promociona este programa o actividad.
    (Spanish version)

Approval process

  1. Complete the Online Submission Form and upload your materials and information in a .pdf format. 
  2. Your materials and information will be reviewed by the Superintendent or designee to confirm that the materials and information meet the criteria for distribution. 
  3. MMSD will contact you via email to let you know if your form was approved.
  4. Once the form is approved you or your organization may not modify the content of the materials and information without re-submitting the materials using the approval process outlined herein.

Distribution process and timeframe

  1. Approved community notices, materials and information (electronic version) will be posted on a designated MMSD "Community Events" webpage within 10 business days of approval, and listed in the MMSD family newsletter.
  2. In the interest of equity of opportunity, the organization must deliver or mail 5 printed copies to each school where students of an appropriate age for the event attend. A printable mailing label template for all school buildings is available at the bottom of this page.
  3. Any organizations that do not deliver printed copies to all schools are subject to the denial of future distribution requests.

School Label Templates

Please use one of the templates below to print mailing labels to distribute your flyers to schools via U.S. Mail.

All Schools Label Template

Elementary Schools Label Template

Middle Schools Label Template

Guiding Principles for Distribution of Non-school related materials:

The MMSD believes it must be culturally and linguistically responsive to its students. Agencies or organizations or individuals seeking approval to distribute materials or information are strongly encouraged to provide versions in the languages spoken by the families receiving the information.

The MMSD believes students deserve equal access to opportunities within the community and therefore strongly encourages sponsoring organizations to offer scholarships or subsidized fees to students from low income families if fees are required for participation.