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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Community Schools

“Community schools have the potential to take our support for children and families in Madison to a new level. Many of our families still struggle with access to community services, but through this work, we’ll be able to integrate coordinated services into schools, where our students and families are every day,” said former Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham. “When students and their families are fully supported, our students can be ready to excel in the classroom.”


What are some benefits to Community Schools?

Community Schools help families access the programming and services they need by bringing many different health and human service providers and other community partners to one centralized location. Teachers and principals can help students and families by making sure they know how to get connected to the resources they need.

Community Schools Framework

Based on the Madison Community School Framework developed in 2015, Community Schools integrate programming and services that students, families and community members feel is needed — health care, academic tutoring, mentoring, food access, parent leadership opportunities and more — directly into schools, making them hubs of coordinated support.

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Integrated Student Supports

Integrated Student Supports

Removing barriers to school success by connecting students and families to service providers or bringing holistic programs and services into the school to help families meet their basic needs so students can focus on learning.

  • A dedicated staff member coordinates support programs to address out-of school learning barriers for students and families.
  • Mental and physical health services support student success.
Collaborative Leadership and Practices

Collaborative Leadership and Practices

Strengthening processes so stakeholders with different areas of expertise work together, share decisions and responsibilities, with mutual accountability toward a shared vision.

  • Parents, students, teachers, principals, and community partners build a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility using strategies such as site-based leadership teams and teacher learning communities.
Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities

Expanded and Enriched Learning Time and Opportunities

Ensuring there are before- and after-school learning opportunities that augment traditional learning, including summer instruction, mentoring, and out-of-school learning experiences.

  • Enrichment activities emphasize real-world learning and community problem solving.
  • After-school, weekend, and summer programs provide academic instruction and individualized support.
Active Family and Community Engagement

Active Family and Community Engagement

Incorporating strategies that cultivate clear communication among all stakeholders and embracing community organizing for school and District improvement.

  • Promoting interaction among families, administration, and teachers helps families to be more involved in the decisions about their children’s education.
  • Schools function as neighborhood hubs. There are educational opportunities for adults, and family members can share their stories and serve as equal partners in promoting student success.

“We are extremely excited that Mendota was selected to be a community school for the 2016-2017 school year. The avenue of possibilities that this provided for our scholars, their families and the north side community are endless.”

– former Mendota Principal Carlettra Stanford, currently MMSD Assistant Superintendent of Leadership

Students participating in the Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiatives (TASCI) outperformed their peers by 32 points in math and by 19 points in reading. You can learn more about TASCI the in the video below.

Key community partners are critical to the success of Community Schools. You can learn more about the key partner role in the video below featuring the YMCA of metro Chicago.