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Back to School Elementary Overview - Community Schools and Village Builders

Back to School Elementary Overview - Community Schools and Village Builders

"Embrace the Spirit of Our Fall School Start: A Journey of Inspiration and Growth at Our Community Schools"

Hawthorne Community School - A Strong Start to a Promising Year

Hawthorne commenced the school year with an Ice Cream Social and Backpack Giveaway on August 30. Families met their teachers and explored the school, while DEMCO volunteers generously distributed close to 180 backpacks filled with school supplies. It was a heartwarming display of community support and an inspiring kickoff to the academic year.

On September 5, we welcomed all our scholars back with enthusiasm and warmth. Community partners joined us, showering our students with well-wishes and positive energy. Amigos en Azul and the fire department made special appearances, extending their best wishes for the year ahead.

Lake View Community School - Setting the Stage for Success

August 22 marked a pivotal moment at Lake View Community School—a triumphant Kindergarten Orientation. This event brought incoming kindergarten families together, fostering connections and acquainting them with what makes our school truly special. It was an occasion to unveil Lake View's unique character and to prepare our youngest learners for their first day. Activities in the classroom and a shared meal made it a memorable kickoff to the school year.

Our Welcome Back Grill & Chill on August 29 was a resounding success, with over 400 attendees! This event was an opportunity for students and families to meet the Lake View staff, share a meal, explore the playground, and embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt. It was a chance for families to ask questions and share information before the start of the school year. Held entirely outdoors, it set a positive and joyful tone for the year ahead.

Leopold Community School - Building Momentum for Success

Leopold Community School has kicked off the year with vigor and enthusiasm. Our Welcome Back event was a resounding success, nurturing staff morale and creating a sense of community. The inclusion of lunch, courtesy of our community partners, was a heartwarming touch. The block party was a highlight, radiating an electrifying energy throughout Leopold. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the block party has ignited a momentum that we are determined to carry forward throughout the school year.

Mendota Community School - A Grand Start to the Year

Mendota Community School set the stage for success with a vibrant Pep Rally on August 30. This event was a comprehensive guide for families, featuring staff and volunteers ready to answer questions, class tours, meetings with teachers, after-school sign-ups, distribution of backpacks and school supplies, resources, music, food, laughter, and dancing. The Madison Fire Department Station 10 even joined in, interacting with our students and adding to the festivities.

The Meet & Greet for 4K and Kindergarten on September 1 was a well-orchestrated event where all hands were on deck to ensure a smooth transition for our students and families. It was an opportunity to introduce families to their classroom teachers, engage in community-building activities, discuss attendance information, and establish literacy goals.

Orchard Ridge Community School + Village Builders - Thriving Together

Our Meet and Greet on August 28 was the perfect prelude to the school year. Scholars and families had the chance to meet their teachers, drop off school supplies, and familiarize themselves with their classrooms. Thanks to our PTO, freeze pops were on hand to beat the heat and add to the excitement!

The 4K and Kindergarten Soft Start on September 1 allowed our youngest learners to get acquainted with the building and become comfortable with their surroundings. The day featured classroom teachers, educational assistants, and support staff guiding our 4K scholars through arrival and dismissal procedures. Kindergarten scholars embarked on "field trips" around the building, familiarizing themselves with their new routines.

The All School Start on September 5 was a joyous occasion, with the playground teeming with smiling faces at arrival. Scholars rekindled friendships from the previous year and made new ones with those who joined us this year. The focus was on helping all scholars transition back into school life. The PTO, true to form, spoiled us with more freeze pops, providing relief from the heat and concluding the day on a high note.

Sandburg Community School + Village Builders - Uniting for Success

The Sandburg 4K & Kindergarten Playdate on August 30 was a delightful precursor to Open House. Organized by the PTO at Sandburg Primary Playground, it allowed 4K and Kindergarten students and families to meet, mingle, and play on the playground before venturing into the building for Open House.

On the same day, Sandburg's Open House & Supply Drop-off provided students and families with a chance to meet teachers and various school teams, including specials teachers, student support services, main office staff, health office staff, community schools, family engagement team, and PTO. Students also brought their supplies to leave in their classrooms and lockers while meeting their teachers and getting acquainted with their new learning environments.

Southside Community School + Village Builders - A Grand Start for New Scholars

Our K-4 and Kindergarten 1st Day of School on September 1 brimmed with excitement. Staff and volunteers were there to support new scholars, answer questions, and ensure their safety. Students toured the building, shared summer stories, and forged new friendships.

To cap off the first week of school, the Ice Cream Social on September 6 was a fantastic event. Families and students enjoyed ice cream while exploring the school with family and friends. Face painting and music added to the celebratory atmosphere, creating a memorable start to the new school year.