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Lake View Community School hosts "Bucky's Big Event"

Lake View Community School hosts "Bucky's Big Event"

On a bright September 1, Lake View Community School was graced with the presence of a remarkable group of University of Wisconsin-Madison student volunteers. These dedicated folks joined forces for Bucky's Big Event, a university-wide service extravaganza where the spirit of community and giving back truly shines.

Under the nurturing guidance of our Outdoor Classroom Coordinator, Mr. K, these volunteers embarked on a mission to preserve and enrich our outdoor classroom. With unwavering determination, they tended to native plant beds and adorned the walking paths in our school forest with a fresh layer of mulch.

Their efforts are not merely a gesture; they are the life force that sustains the three acres of pristine natural beauty that envelops Lake View Community School. These lush surroundings serve as an oasis where our students, staff, families, and community members come to learn, teach, play, and find solace.

In the spirit of unity and shared responsibility, these volunteers have not only nurtured the land but have also cultivated a deeper connection with our community. Through their actions, they inspire us all to cherish and protect the precious gifts of nature that surround us.

Their service is a testament to the power of community and the enduring impact of a shared vision. Together, we are shaping a future where the love for our environment and the spirit of giving back thrive within each of us.