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Madison Metropolitan School District

State of Community Schools

State of Community Schools

The strategic vision of Community Schools has been launched this school year with a different mindset. With recreating the structure of Community Schools and all of its partners involved, we are in the process of redesigning how the individual schools work collectively. Our schools are different in many ways, but they are similar under the umbrella of what is a community school. There is an abundance of information each individual site has to offer each other. Cross conversations are happening and yielding grand results.

We have been able to create signature events for all of the Community Schools including a resource fair and a free book fair during parent teacher conferences. The purpose of the collective events is to encourage continuous partnerships, collaborations, and family engagement. We also want to align with the district’s initiatives to increase literacy efforts for all students. We will continue to engage the community in meaningful future events to encourage parent involvement and the community.

In January, we are thrilled to launch a new and exciting new initiative “Champions of Community Schools”. We will extend a warm invitation to generous donors to experience firsthand the operations of our schools and the impact of their support. As part of this initiative we are offering tours and providing a brief glimpse into the learning environments of our unique classroom spaces to experience the positive changes they are supporting. We are eager to show the impact of the wonderful things happening with the funds and resources graciously donated. The aim is not only to express gratitude, but also to establish continued connections while fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. We hope to continue the Champion Visits throughout the year.

We are in the initial phases of implementing a systematic process of the Community Schools model for each school to conduct a needs and assets assessment. This process will occur each school year. The purpose of such an assessment is not only to gain meaningful summative information from all stakeholders, but also to help determine future project goals. We are looking to analyze the data to identify targeted strategies and prioritize resources for future initiatives of Community Schools. Every school has begun collecting/soliciting/gathering data from their students, staff, families and partners that will also inform their own individual School Improvement Plans for the 2024-2025 school year. There is a projected completion date at the end of March. We look forward to sharing this information in the near future.

We want to wish everyone a successful closing of 2023 and joy filled and accomplished Happy New Year. We extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who continue to support and uplift our Community Schools’ Ecosystem in educating the whole child. Your commitment and continued support is needed to sustain the success of our schools. Your time and efforts are appreciated.