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Madison Metropolitan School District

Lydia Gold

What’s something special about your high school experience?

I have participated in nearly every area of fine and applied arts at La Follette and I am really proud of the teachers we have and the work I created in drawing, ceramics, orchestra and metal arts. These classes were a wonderful balance to my core subject coursework.

What’s next in your journey?

I will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.  I’ll be playing my cello and studying psychology.

Is there a staff member who inspired or influenced you?

I have two people who have been hugely supportive of me all four years of high school. Mr. Olson, my orchestra teacher has always supported my musical pursuits and he makes sure to choose music that highlights all parts of the orchestra. Ms. Christensen, my guidance counselor always has my back and has been a steady force through lots of ups and downs.

Advice for incoming freshmen?

Try to look at high school as an opportunity to grow. You will make new friends and the four years go by really fast.

Favorite quote?

“I am the one thing in life I can control.”

Something you’re particularly proud of?

I am really proud that La Follette High School has supported an Equestrian Team that has made it to state several times.