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Madison Metropolitan School District

Stephanie Moya Cruz

What advice do you have for incoming La Follette freshmen?

Throughout high school I have made mistakes, but I have been able to learn through these mistakes as well. A few pieces of advice that I would give an incoming freshman would be be yourself. When you are true to yourself you open many more doors to actually be who you are and prepare you for the future. Never be scared to ask for help. Everyone cares for you and wants you to become as successful as you see yourself. Lastly, have fun with what you do in high school, the 4 years are going to fly by, and when you realize it you are going to be walking the stage. 

Is there a staff member who impacted your journey?

"It is hard to identify just one person who has made the biggest impact on me, as all of my experiences and interactions have shaped me into the person that I am today and the person that I’m still becoming. However, one mentor that has made a significant difference in my life is my AVID teacher, Ms. Simonson. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is an elective class that prepares students for college and beyond. Through AVID, Ms. Simonson has impacted my life in more ways than I could possibly explain by challenging me to reach my full potential both in and outside of the classroom. Having her as a mentor made me see life through a whole different lens. I was not only taught that failing is inevitable but it also is something that is part of life. I was taught that opening up and building different relationships will help you overcome many obstacles.

Favorite quote? "Don't give up."

What are you proud of? My progress over the years.