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Madison Metropolitan School District

Immigrant Students & Families

Immigrant Students


We want you to know:

  • that all students, regardless of immigration status, have the right to attend school
  • you never need to disclose your immigration status
  • exactly what rights protect immigrant and undocumented individuals
  • how to get help from organizations in the Madison area that offer legal and social services
  • how to get help from the Madison Metropolitan School District 

Resources for Students and Families

All students have the right to attend school

All students have the right to a free and equitable K–12 education, regardless of immigration status. Plyler v. Doe is the landmark United States Supreme Court decision that guarantees all children equal access to a public education.

As an affirmation, in April 2017, the Madison school board adopted a resolution declaring that every Madison Metropolitan School District site is a safe place for its students and their families to seek help, assistance, and information if faced with fear and anxiety about immigration enforcement efforts and outlining conduct for district staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an immigration-related emergency?

Call or text the Voces de la Frontera 24/7 hotline: 414-418-9409.

If you need support directly related to ICE activity, please contact Fabiola Hamden, Dane County Immigration Affairs Specialist at (608) 242-6260 or

Student records are private

Wisconsin state law and federal law (FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) prohibit us from sharing this information. The district no longer collects students’ social security numbers.  

Students are safe in school

We do not permit Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to have contact with or interview students, unless a parent or guardian permits it.

Our Emergency and Critical Response Team is ready to help

If we begin to see immigration enforcement representatives in or near our schools, our Emergency and Critical Response Team will immediately put into action our plan to support students. This includes:

  • connecting families to community resources and organizations
  • working with the school to ensure students receive the emotional, psychological and academic support they need
  • working with the school to ensure student information is protected

Emergency planning

We encourage all families to keep their child's emergency contact information up-to-date with the school district. Here are some ways to do so:

You may also wish to develop an emergency plan for your family.

You may have other questions about your rights, your student’s rights and where to seek help. We’ve compiled several resources below.