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Madison Metropolitan School District

Multimedia Gallery

View photos, videos and slideshows of past Read Your Heart events hosted by various schools throughout the district.

Chávez Elementary 2020

Five smiling attendees
Reading a book to a class
Reading to students
three smiling attendees
breakfast food
reading to students and smiling
Presenting to class
Parents of Black Excellence Shirt
Read Your Heart Out event
Two smiling people
Sitting and reading in front of class
Four smiling students
Smiling Attendee
Picking up food at the event
Two smiling particpants

Shorewood Hills Elementary 2018-2019

Particapent reading a book
Read Your Heart Out classroom
Showing off artwork in a book
Volunteer talking to students
Reading to students
students waiting for presentation
Presenting book to students while reading
Read Your Heart Out presentation
Read Your Heart Out reading
Volunteer Reading to students
Showing students a book
Reading a book to students
students intently listening

Aldo Leopold Elementary 2020

Read Your Heart Out attendees
person talking to students
Read Your Heart Out decorations
Three smiling people
Read Your Heart Out participants
Person reading to students
Person smiling and presenting a book they read
Reading to a groupd of students
Read Your Heart Out event
Read Your Heart Out sign
Read Your Heart Out volunteer

Hackett Elementary 2022: Beloit, WI

Greenbay/Oshkosh RYHO 2022

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