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Madison Metropolitan School District

School Supply Lists

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Elementary Schools

Allis Elementary

Chávez Elementary

Crestwood Elementary

Elvehjem Elementary

Emerson Elementary

Falk Elementary | Falk - Español

Franklin Elementary | Franklin - Español

Henderson Elementary (formerly Glendale) | The school will provide a set of supplies for each student. Please look for communication from your child's teacher regarding specific supplies your child may need to bring to class. Questions? Please contact the Henderson Office

Gompers Elementary | Gompers - Español

Hawthorne Elementary | Hawthorne - Español | Hawthorne - Hmong

Huegel Elementary | Huegel - Español

Kennedy Elementary | Kennedy - Español

Lake View Elementary | Lake View - Español

Lapham Elementary | Lapham - Español

Leopold Elementary | Leopold - Español

Lincoln Elementary

Lindbergh Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Marquette Elementary

Mendota Elementary

Midvale Elementary

Muir Elementary

Nuestro Mundo | Nuestro Mundo - Español

Olson Elementary | Olson - Español

Orchard Ridge Elementary | Orchard Ridge - Español

Randall Elementary (updated April 2021)

Sandburg Elementary | Sandburg - Español

Schenk Elementary | Schenk - Español

Shorewood Hills Elementary | Shorewood Hills - Spanish

Stephens Elementary | Stephens - Español

Thoreau Elementary | Thoreau - Español

Van Hise Elementary | Van Hise - Españo

Middle Schools

Badger Rock Middle | Badger Rock - Español

Black Hawk Middle

Cherokee Heights Middle | Cherokee Heights - Español

Hamilton Middle School | Hamilton - Español

Jefferson Middle | Jefferson - Español

O'Keeffe Middle | O'Keeffe - Español

Sennett Middle | Sennett - Español

Sherman Middle | Sherman - Español

Spring Harbor Middle | Spring Harbor - Español

Toki Middle | Toki - Español

Whitehorse Middle  |  Español

Wright Middle | Wright - Español

High Schools

High school students should plan to be prepared with basic supplies (pens/pencils, paper, folder, backpack) on the first day of school and individual teachers will let them know if there are any special supplies they will need.

Some supply lists refer to the MMSD Healthy Classroom Snack List. You can find it here.