Dear MMSD Family, 

As we head into winter break, we are looking back with appreciation for our students, families and staff. We're looking forward to a new year filled with hope, wonder and joy. Happy holidays and best wishes for a healthy New Year!

 Jennifer Cheatham

Voices of MMSD

Voices of MMSD podcast logo. A hand holding a microphone."Voices of MMSD" is a brand new podcast that brings you authentic voices, stories and conversations (plus original music) from around our school district directly to you. 
We've got several issues queued up in in iTunes, Google Play, and TuneIn, Stitcher, with more on the way after break. 

  • Intro and Sneak Peek: Welcome to "Voices of MMSD"!
  • We Want to See Your Fullness: We believe in the brilliance, creativity, and capability of black youth in Madison. It is our responsibility to make sure that that excellence can shine.
  • It Takes a Village (to change school start and dismissal times)
  • You Snooze You...Learn? MMSD is changing school start and dismissal times in the 2019-20 school year. Hear why. 
  • Where Have All the Scholars (of Color) Gone? 
  • Advanced Placement courses. Our high schools offer lots of them, yet students of color are often underrepresented in them, something counselors like Memorial's Andrew Stendahl are working to change.
  • Happy Coming Out Day! On National Coming Out Day, we celebrated coming out as LGBTQIA+ and as straight allies. 
  • Building Trust, Breaking Through: Listening, caring, building trust, and knowing each student individually. These are among the pillars of "culturally responsive teaching." In this piece, we take you inside Tracy Warnecke's classroom at O'Keeffe Middle School.
  • I Can Relate! How tutors are learning to better recognize their own biases and assumptions to build better relationships with students. 

Not sure how to listen to a podcast? 

If you've never listened to a podcast and aren't sure how, it's really easy! Your smartphone comes with a podcast app. Search for "MMSD Voices" there and subscribe. You can also listen on your computer at

Do you know Spanish?

If so, we hope you'll check out ¿Qué pasa en nuestras escuelas? Vea o escuche programas anteriores a continuación o en nuestra página de Soundcloudo en nuestro canal de YouTube.  ¡Descargue la aplicación de Soundcloud en su celular para tener acceso a los programas en cualquier momento!

Happy listening and happy holidays!