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Madison Metropolitan School District

Our Mission

MMSD Food and Nutrition believes that good nutrition is a key to learning.

Our Food Service Operation is based upon the following beliefs:

  • serving students with dignity and respect is our number one priority
  • nutritionally balanced meals are offered daily
  • teamwork and communication skills are essential ingredients to our daily operational performance
  • maintaining fiscal integrity is vital


All of our menus in the USDA program are designed to meet USDA nutritional standards. Each menu is analyzed weekly, evaluating it using eight specific nutritional targets. Meeting these targets ensures that our meals provide students with one third of their dietary requirements for lunch and one fourth for breakfast.

Please note: USDA regulations require that we serve a complete meal. Individual items, such as milk, cannot be provided free to supplement an alternative meal.  Nutritional Information


MMSD offers unlimited servings of fresh fruits and vegetables with school meals. We feel strongly that this is the right way to offer adequate nutrition to our student in a way that promotes flexibility in meeting their needs as growing young people while showcasing the best of our local food purchases. Your student is welcome to take as many fruits and vegetables as they desire for their meal at school. We ask only that all are conscientious in their choices and take only what they wish to eat.'

We serve affordable meals. Check our Current pricing.

Families may qualify for free or reduced-priced meals and pay according to their financial situation. For more details see Free or Reduced-price Applications.



Schools in our district participate in the USDA Breakfast Program. Breakfast offers one choice and cereal daily. All meals include milk. For information on serving times please check with your child's school. Breakfast and lunch menus are sent home monthly with the elementary students.


The USDA Lunch Program is available at our elementary, middle and high schools. The elementary schools offer two daily choices. Milk is included with each meal.

Middle schools offer five Value Meals daily. Each Value meal meets the USDA requirements. They include choice of fresh vegetables and fruit and milk.

High Schools offer several Meal Deals daily. The Meal Deals also meet USDA requirements and include fresh vegetable and fruit choices and milk.

If you visit school and would like to have lunch with your child, please let the school office know that morning so we can plan a meal for you. Parents and non school-age children will be charged the adult price.

Sack lunches are available for field trips.

Safe Food

In order to ensure the safety of the food served, our staff is trained and updated regularly on food safety issues. Our employees are trained through the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Course. We have a quality assurance specialist on staff. Any questions or concerns please contact Sue Cotter at 204-4003


Let us take the hassle out of preparing meals for your child. Every student has an account. Each child's account is the same, whether the child qualifies for free or reduced-priced meals, or if they pay full price. Students access their account with their student ID number. Parents have several options of making deposits into their child's account: see Payments for more details.