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Priority Area II: Personalized Pathways

Engage students in charting personalized pathways to college, career and community readiness.

While our schools will be primarily focused on improving daily instruction that leads to positive student outcomes, it is important that the district ensures the rigor and relevance of all coursework across all classrooms and schools, especially at the high school level. This must include ongoing opportunities for exploring college and career pathways for all students, and it must include expanding opportunities for taking advanced, dual-credit and online coursework. It is essential that students are engaged in a relevant learning experience and that they, with the support of their families, are able to navigate the middle and high school experience so that they have multiple options upon graduation.

High-leverage Actions:

  1. Develop multiple, clear and rigorous pathways to graduation within each high school. Research national and local models, define the model in the district, and redefine current high school coursework as appropriate. The model will include expanding dual-credit opportunities, career and technical education including career academies, online coursework, and alternative school options. 

  2. Establish an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for every incoming high school student that outlines a clear, personalized path to graduation with frequent checkpoints along the way.

  3. Implement the AVID program in grades 6-12 to support eligible students with the writing, inquiry, organizational and reading skills needed for post-secondary success and to support students in the college application and enrollment process.

Launch Steps:

  • Establish a high school reform collaborative that is focused on the development of multiple pathways to graduation in partnership with local businesses.
  • Create and implement the ILP in the 2014-15 school year.
  • Begin vetting high school coursework in preparation for changes in the 2015-16 school year.
  • Provide professional development to AVID teachers, coordinators and school leaders in middle and high schools. 

Metrics for Monitoring:     

  • Percent of ninth and tenth grade students on-track to graduation
  • Dual-enrollment, AP and Honors enrollment in high school by race/ethnicity and gender
  • Attendance rate for middle and high schools by student subgroups