Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 12:15pm

Dane County UW-Extension Wisconsin Nutrition Education program offers a series of six to eight 30 minute lessons to elementary school students in their classrooms. The lessons are  based on MyPlate and designed to help youth learn about making healthy food choices and encourage physical activity. These interactive lessons also introduce students to new fruits and vegetables and healthy alternatives to common unhealthy foods and drinks through tastings and hands on activities.

This program is of no cost beyond the time that it takes to schedule and conduct the education. The  program is offered in both English and Spanish.

The program offers education for up to THREE  grade levels per school:

       Grades K -2➔  One grade level is offered per school

       Grades 3-5➔  Two grade levels are offered per school

Schools should request programs for SY16-17 by indicating grade levels that they would prefer to have the education provided to by completing the UW Extension Nutrition Education Request Form and emailing it to Tracy Smith, smith.tracy@countyofdane.com.




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