Strategic Framework Engagement Process

What is the Strategic Framework?

The Strategic Framework guides all of our district’s work to raise achievement for all students and close achievement gaps. It is our roadmap as a district and details our vision, goals, core values, strategy, and specific actions we are taking as a district.

What process are we going through this year?

The 2017-18 school year will be the fifth year of the district’s Strategic Framework. Five years into our work, we believe it is the right time to reflect on our progress, gather information and ideas and determine what changes we need to make to our strategy for the future.

We want to look at what we’ve accomplished, where we’ve struggled and how we can make more progress in the next phase of action for students with an eye toward long term, sustainable improvement for all.

How will we develop the next version of the Strategic Framework?

We believe our work, defined in the Strategic Framework, will only be successful if it is informed and embraced by all of those doing the day-to-day work of supporting our students in reaching their full potential.

This year, we will gather information and ideas by tapping the expertise of parents, teachers, community members, and students. We know that our Strategic Framework must harness that expertise so that we can best serve the community.  Our Board of Education is leading us in this work, and we will be updating them throughout  as we hear your ideas, plan for the future and get closer to a final version of the framework for their approval. 


A timeline with four colorful bubbles. The first is a listening and learning phase from October through January. Sharing our best thinking and gathering input from students, staff, families and community members who represent the community we serve. The next is Reflection through February. After collecting information, we'll reflect on what we've learned and report back to the community on themes we're seeing. The third is Planning from March through June. Planning group to begin developing the next version of our Strategic Framework. The last is Final Strategic Framework in August. We'll present a final version of our Strategic Framework to the Board of Education.