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Meet Our Current Leaders

Read what a few of our current principals shared with us about their experience leading our schools.

Seeking Leaders

MMSD is the second largest school system in Wisconsin and has a student population of approximately 27,000 students in 32 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 4 comprehensive high schools, 2 alternative secondary schools, several alternative programs, and a 56% minority student population. Our district has a simple but bold vision – to ensure that every school is a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school ready for college, career and community.

We know this vision doesn’t come to life without dynamic leaders in every school. We are focused on becoming a model urban school district that serves our children and families better than ever before. If you are a leader who is passionate about changing the face of urban education, MMSD has something to offer you.

Core Beliefs

Excellence. We will ensure that our youth develop core competencies and engage in deep learning through rich, challenging, inclusive and culturally responsive learning experiences, in academics, the arts, and social-emotional development.

Belonging. We believe that students, staff and families of all races, ethnicities, faiths, home languages, immigration statuses, disabilities, sexual orientations and gender identities are valuable members of our community. By creating positive supportive relationships, we will cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

Racial Equity and Social Justice. We will take responsibility for the ways that our current policies and practices serve to reproduce inequities, and we will take action to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to racialized outcomes for children and youth of color.

Voice. We will seek out and evaluate the voices of all in our community, with special attention to the influence and leadership of our students, staff, and families of color.

Focus. We will be accountable to the community for high-quality implementation of practices that produce positive results and dedicate the time and attention necessary to manage complex and sustainable change.

Creativity. We will make space for new ideas, embracing the creativity of educators and grassroots innovation in and beyond the classroom.

Our Goals

  1. Every child is on track to graduate ready for college, career and community.
  2. The district and every school in it is a place where children, staff, and families thrive.
  3. African-American children and youth excel in school.

Minimum Qualifications to be Considered for Principal and AP Roles

  • Evidence that candidate is eligible to be certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as Principal PreK-12 (51)
  • Demonstrated alignment to District vision and core values
  • Demonstrated leadership experience that drives school improvement
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence with equity and a sense of urgency towards closing the achievement gap
  • Training, experience, and expertise in the following areas of education: working within an instructional team, standards-based instruction and assessment, culturally relevant and differentiated instruction, and technology skills to enhance professional learning and instruction.
  • Demonstrated ability in the use of data to improve student learning and in the design and implementation of professional learning experiences to enhance adult use of student data to improve practices and drive school improvement.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish relationships with students, staff, parents and the community.

Our Principal Screening and Selection Process

Our Assistant Principal Screening and Selection Process


The MMSD is seeking leaders whose knowledge, skills and experience align with our core mission, vision and beliefs as outlined in our strategic framework. If this is you, please apply below.

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