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Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance is a voluntary insurance plan available to all employees.  Long-term care insurance is used to help cover expenses usually not covered by your MMSD health insurance, including nursing home care, assisted living expenses, community-based care (adult daycare) and home health care. MMSD's Long-term care insurance carrier is Unum

Who can enroll in coverage?

Coverage is available to MMSD employees and their spouse, domestic partner, parent(s) and domestic partner's parents.  

How much does it cost?

The cost of coverage varies by the plan, amount of coverage and your age.  You can find a cost calculator at the Unum site, which you can get to from MMSD's benefits enrollment site Standard.BenSelect

Should I enroll in coverage?

Each individual may have differing insurance and financial needs.  Please work with a financial planner to understand your needs regarding any long-term care and/or long-term care insurance.  You can also view the Wisconsin Guide to Long-Term Care.  

How do I enroll in coverage?

You may apply for coverage at any time. Your application will be subject to medical underwriting, which means some pre-existing conditions, illnesses and medical conditions may prohibit you from electing the coverage.  If you wish to apply for coverage, complete the online application at MMSD's Standard.BenSelect website.  

Have Questions? Contact the Benefits Helpdesk at or at (608) 663-1692