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Madison Metropolitan School District

Anti-Harassment Training

The Madison Metropolitan School District's Board of Education Policy 8012 provides that employees shall function in a harassment-free work atmosphere and enjoy working conditions free from physical, verbal or psychological harassment. The District is committed to providing a professional, harassment-free environment for students and staff of the District. To these ends, the District requires that all new employees complete MMSD’s Anti-Harassment Training within their first year of employment. If you are being hired for short-term employment, it must be completed prior to, or at the earliest possible time after, your first day of work.

You should complete the Anti-Harassment Training during a time when you are not required to perform your regular job duties. You may arrange with your supervisor for an appropriate time to take the course during your work day, if he/she agrees. If you take the course during your regularly scheduled hours of work, you will not lose pay as a result. Hourly employees who take the course after their regularly scheduled work day will be compensated for 1 hour at their regular hourly rate, regardless of how long it takes to complete the course. Salaried employees do not receive additional compensation for taking the course. If you don’t have a computer at home, your supervisor will see to it that you have access to a District computer.

About the Anti-Harassment Course:

    • covers student and workplace harassment, reporting student harassment, the District’s harassment complaint procedure, and laws concerning discrimination and harassment
    • takes approximately one hour to complete
    • web-based instruction
    • there are four short quizzes after each section
    • no minimum quiz score is required to pass the course
    • When you are done with the course, check your email for confirmation. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact to confirm your course completion.

To access the Anti-Harassment Course:

    • Go to:
    • Username: your employee number (“b” number) example: b111222 (make sure "b" is lowercase)
    • Password: your MMSD computer login password*
    • Click on TALENT PORTAL.
    • Search for the the term "Anti-Harassment". 
    • Click on the course and then click OPEN CURRICULUM.
  • MSCR Employees: Email Joleen Welborn ( to set up your training.

*If you have never logged in to a District computer, your password is x+ your 6-digit birthdate. (ex: 01/09/1986 means your password is x010986).


Course content questions? Contact Heidi Tepp, Director of Labor Relations, 663-1742

Login trouble? Contact Joleen Welborn, Technology Specialist,

Already attended MMSD’s course? It is only necessary to complete the Anti-Harassment Training once. If you have worked for MMSD previously and believe you have already met the requirement, contact to confirm our records reflect that you have attended this course.