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Madison Metropolitan School District

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

The Madison Metropolitan School District has a BBP Exposure Control Plan. The plan provides information that employees need to limit and prevent exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials at work.  A copy of this plan is located in every District building, in both the main office and health office.

Designated employees listed below must:

  1. Attend BBP training annually (see "How to Complete BBP Training" section, listed below, for training link)
  2. Receive the Hepatitis B vaccine OR notify the District that you have already been vaccinated or are formally declining the vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccination is a series of 3 shots, which is provided by the District at no cost. You must call Health Services at 663-8437 to reserve your dose.* Click here for the form to note your vaccination dates or decline the vaccine.
  • All Custodians
  • All Elementary Secretaries
  • All School Building Administrators
  • All Nurses and Nurse’s Assistants
  • All Physical Education Teachers
  • All School Security Assistants
  • All Special Education Teachers and Assistants
  • All Substitute Special Education Assistants

 All other employees

Training is not mandatory; however, you are strongly encouraged to complete BBP training as soon as possible after your first date of employment.

Employees not listed in the above categories may occasionally provide care to injured persons or clean up body fluid spills. Exposure to bloodborne pathogens can be avoided by strict adherence to standard precautions, work practice controls, and use of personal protective equipment (explained in the training session). If you believe that your job puts you at risk of regular and routine exposure to bloodborne pathogens, talk with the school nurse to discuss the need for Hepatitis B vaccination. If you have a significant exposure at school, you can be protected from Hepatitis B through post-exposure treatment.*

*It is important to remember that certain bloodborne infections cannot be prevented by vaccination. Knowledge of and adherence to standard precautions are essential to interrupting the transmission of bloodborne pathogens in any setting. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with the school nurse or contact Sally Zirbel-Donisch, Health Services, at 663-8427.

How to complete BBP Training:

  • Click the ClassLink icon on an MMSD computer, or click ClassLink from the "Staff Only" page
  • In ClassLink, click the Talent Portal icon
  • Search for the "Bloodborne Pathogens Training"
  • Training takes approximately 20 minutes and should be completed during the school day when the nurse is available to answer questions.